Mp3 Music Nasyid SNADA

Mp3 Music Nasyid SNADA
SNADA stands Song Nasyid and Da'wah. Incredibly, the abbreviation "SNADA" could eventually known and loved by fans and even rhythms become an icon nasheed nasyid Indonesia. SNADA name was reputedly a gift from a famous kyai, KH. Toto Tasmara.

SNADA give way and become a pioneer for young Nasyid teams are popping up quickly and admirable in all corners of the archipelago. They're the group that brought the first nasyid nasyid to schools, colleges, hotels, events, weddings, conferences and local events, national, regional and even international.

Since founded in 1991 by Agus Idwar Jumhadi (iid), Erwin John (Ewink), and M. Nunasyim Luqman (Luqman) SNADA has made a variety of surprises. Starting from the technique of dividing bernasyid sound, while standing, and facing the audience. SNADA provide surprises for pernasyidan scene at the time, where everyone sits bernasyid manner, without dividing the votes, there is no element of entertainment, and monotonous. The fourth entry of personnel, Alamsyah (Jesus) in 1992, making this group complete with four votes.

The inclusion Alamsyah Agus (Aal) and M. Taqiudin Iqbal (Iqbal) nasyid perfecting them so as Boyz 2 Men at the time. Iqbal, a former track champion at numerous festivals such as Notices Enchantment Star and Voice of Asia, made an appearance SNADA increasingly shines on those days.

Isa's departure in 1995 because of busyness and a different vision as well as the introduction of two new personnel, Ikhsan Nur Ramadhan (Ikhsan) in the month of March 1999 that in fact converts and Tardiana Tarlanda Teddy (Teddy Kang) in November 2000, providing more awesome surprises for nasyid SNADA arena once more bloom from year to year. Ikhsan the ex-'basist 'and a professional singer Teddy make SNADA more perfect performance, full range of voice expression, and the character and strength are far more vocal prime.

If sound capabilities complement the vocals Teddy Iqbal. Moreover since these young kids get gemblengan of-Farabi School music school Dwiki Darmawan, who has long been giving very positive support to the nasheed in Indonesia, especially to SNADA.

Nasyid groups snada, never received a charter directly from the General Chairman of the Central Executive Board (DPP) PDI-P of Megawati Sukarnoputri on March 29, 2007. The award was given because SNADA has created a hymn Baitul Muslimin Indonesia (BMI), PDIP-wing Islamic organization. Even songs hymns BMI was also demonstrated in front of the leader board PDIP, some Islamic leaders, Indonesian artists, and about 500 cadres / PDIP sympathizers in the event which took place in BMI pendeklarasian DPP Office Lenteng Road South Jakarta Court.

Then on May 18, 2008, also received awards Menpora SNADA Award, as pengkuhuan Sanada as a pioneer and popular nasyid team in ground water. The award was given directly by Mr. Adhyaksa Dault as Minister of Youth and Sports at the Grha Pemuda, Senayan


Mp3 Music Nasyid SNADA

Mp3 Music Nasyid SNADA