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Many intimation that has harmed Muslims. Among them is the issue of misleading information aqidah, social, cultural, educational, and even politics. Then, too, describing entertainments romance issues that may impact negatively and indirectly affect the mindset of young generation of Muslim youth in particular.

So many media are controlled by groups materialism hedonists, have caused moral damage to the younger generation. Moral decadence that have gone too far and complete so that the culture of manners, tastes and feelings, almost worn out. Minang kabau philosophy "Indigenous Basandi syara 'syara' Basandi Kitabullah syara 'customary mangato mamakai" which it is attached only to the extent of the lips. Philosophy is full of wisdom that have been undermined by the influence of mass media that are not controlled.

On the other hand develops very fertile missionary among the campuses, many young activists and other community groups are enthusiastic about the propaganda and the development of Islam. So that the da'wah should be found such fertile place to bridge the propaganda itself.

Many social dialogue has been carried out by figures and official circles. Dialogue is often one direction, so that the understanding of the themes of dialogue and dialogue content is limited to certain circles, finally emerged the so-called miss communication or misunderstandings.

Izzatul Islam was born when all concerns have reached a peak. Indications of all it can be seen from the social reality that has been felt by all parties. Freelance news only limited information, so their impact can not be predicted. Freelance entertainment without any parameters to control the whole effect. Dialogues apparent that still do not have to bridge the interests of all groups to a common success.

Concern is what drives a handful of young activists to establish Islamic Izzatul , although many obstacles and challenges faced particularly in a large enough set aside, considering the activists are still college, mosque officials (Gharin) which of course funds are the main constraints they face. But even so their spirits are still persistent to continue preaching despite sometimes tuition fee to purchase the equipment they use radio to remain airborne.

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