BAND Funky Kopral FREE MP3 and VIDEO


BAND Funky Kopral FREE MP3 and VIDEO

Funky Name Corporal soared lately. Nothing to do with the institution of the army, but play hard, fierce and funky style. This band's future.

Album 'impromptu'
Corporal is the band's funky gado - gado, with support personnel who love the various types of music, "But so far, we still get along-get along alone. Interests in music may differ, but at work, we have a musical vision, "Anga said, vocalist. This young man nge-rap at least four songs, antaralain on track 'Depression', 'too late' and 'Burn The Wild'. The latter song, almost a full rap. In fact, Anga not really fond of rap music, "Age first time the band was still in junior high, I'm happy bawain songs Nirvana or Oasis. Anyway, the songs are longer ngetop, that time still rare rap song, "still says Anga.

Christological and Arlonsy confess, I never want to crash when playing guitar in unison. Double lead guitar in the formation Funky Corporal grub, with a format that allows individual arrangements - each personnel remain the dominant role, while keeping their egos. It looks at the game guitar duet christological - Arlonsy on track 'Bureaucracy' and 'The Future'. There, playing guitar both sounds Saut-sautan, but remained on the dose of musical harmony is maintained. "If he again nge-lead, I nge-rhythm. Vice versa. Must feel good doing the most, this same honorable game, "christological prank. That's the fun in funky Cpl. In the near-sepantar age - between two and three high school classes - except the drummer Robbi which have become a student, Funky Corporal easily integrate ideas and musical vision. Robbi is the oldest musician who came from Lampung.

What is unique, Funky Corporal thrusting only two demo songs came to the first time the company's recording 'Universal Music Indonesia', namely the song 'Funchopat' and 'Funky Party'. When a few days later they were admitted into the 'family' Universal no longer a live audition, "We were shocked. Mingled like panic. The problem, frankly, Funky Corporal was not yet ready to work on recording an album, "once the news leaks from the christological.

Anggara Honor (vocal), born in Jakarta on May 5, 1983. Funky Joint Corp., an award-winning Band Competition Winner and Champion 1998 ABA Prithvi I and Favorites brawl Music Levi's in 1998 (along with Islamic Hope High School Band Mother). Anga was the Islamic high school students hope Mother.

Arlonsy Miraldi (guitar / backing vocals) with a nickname Oei / Oncy, born in Palu, October 2, 1982. These 86 high school students wear and accessories Boss Ibanez guitar.

Bondan Prakoso (bass / backing vocals), Jakarta, May 8, 1982. High School Students Islamic Hope, Mother, users bass Ibanez 4 strings and five strings. Never become a singer of children, even from the age of five years and produced eight solo albums. Bondan been chosen as 'best bassist' on the ABA Pertiwi Music Competition in 1998 and the brawl music Levi's in 1998. Unless like 'flow' hardcore, Bondan also be 'session man' for a number of recordings Blackboard.

Christological Officer (guitar), Jakarta, August 5, 1981, high school 3 Setiabudi, users Jackson electric guitar with six strings accessories Boss and Jim Dunlop.

Bobbi Wibowo (drummer), Teluk Betung 7 September 1978, now student at the University of Lampung, majoring in Economic Management. Robbi is a drum instructor at the Music Foundation Cressendo Lampung, but somehow the fate of college and work again as a music teacher, when she was willing to 'abducted' into the formation Funky Corporal on almost the last year.