BAND GenK Kobra Free Mp3 and Video

GenK Kobra

BAND GenK Kobra Free Mp3 and Video
Like to hear (or read) that this country was going down. Iya's Cooking? When I came home from the mall, in parking lot on Sundays if gini seems fine-fine aja kok. In addition to management, as well as many luxury cars abis variety (for me) Artist (Band): Cobra Gang Wang wang wang wong ... Sawang sinawang watch owe wealthy opposition

After muter-muter in the mall but still not meet the CD also Geng Kobra, want to drink any round wedang bajigur and also not that much to see in many restaurants. Weleh weleh again ... this is my seeh tour in which country? What is clear is no longer follow-up Tour de Kampoeng Artist (Band): Geng Kobra Bajigur! .. Santen nganggo nice round wedang rasane

BAND Geng Kobra Free Mp3 and Video
I can only (me) nDomblong when not finding the DVD / VCD or CD band at Genk Kobra official music store (not pirated), which he said most comprehensive famous Jakarta a highway. Amazingly ya, uh Jangkrix CD Jimi Hendrix Jimi coming from far away and people were already long gone, lha kok even qualify to be traded on the sensor

For the friends Jiwers who today are ready for going home to Jogja to pursue his monthly payment obligations to the children chant: "May slamet to survive a weekend destination and yaa ...". Together with one of the movie Pursuit OST Mas Mas (2007 production) was teriring greetings "Jape Methe" for all the family members there ... Artist (Band): Genk Kobra