Element BAND Free MP3 and VIDEO


Element BAND Free MP3 and VIDEO
Element is a band that stands on February 14, 1999. Currently a member of the group is Ferdy Taher (vocals), Didi Riyadi (drummer), Ibank (bassist), Dawn (keyboards), Arya (guitarist), Adhit (guitarist).

Element BAND Early formed

Initially, the group is led by seven persons, namely Didi Riyadi as a drummer, Ibank as a bassist, a keyboardist Dawn, two people namely Arya and Adhit guitarists and two vocalists are Ronny Setiawan (late) and Lucky Widjatmoko. Their debut album is Love Is Just relying on a song titled the same as the first singles, and song "confusion" as the second single. This album release under Universal Music Indonesia who signed them as much as three albums. While management is held by the Oxygen Elements Entertainment, which also handles fan club Element.

Element BAND Career 2000-present

Mid-2000, Ronny resigned. After conducting auditions Ferdy Taher elected as the vocalist. One year later, Element album's release, Nirvana with a new vocalist, music and color images of different bands. This album brings a song titled the same as the first single, and "Go Adinda" as the second single, and "No Saints" as the third single. Less than a year, in March 2002, the Element was awarded the Golden Award from Universal Music Indonesia for the achievement of sales above 100,000 copies. This also marked the release of second album in the country Elements neighbor in the same month.
Initially, the seriousness of the Elements in music had doubted. This is because most personnel are Riyadi Didi, Lucky Wijatmoko, Arya Adhiprasetyo and the late Ronny Setiawan mengeluti fields other than music does predicate model and soap opera actor, so the band was at the beginning of his career was once considered boyband. But after many accomplishments achieved, such as the Golden Award for Didi also obtained Anugerah Armand Zildjian Drummer Newcomer Award for 2002, Element begin to be considered.

third album, released on August 22, 2002 The paradox of relying on the song "Secret Heart". The song took the charts in almost all radio in Indonesia in Clear Top 10 Start-3 weeks to have been ranked first for three consecutive weeks and survived for 16 weeks in the charts, on MTV Powerful in the last week in October 2002 began to enter first rank, in the Video Music Indonesia was chosen as the best video clips on the moon in October 2002. Even the songs video clips made by Rizal Mantovani soundtrack is a mini-series Commercial Guys.
Element return visit to Malaysia on September 28, 2002. They were invited by the ASTRO Cable TV and TV3 to be the only guest star in a band from Indonesia enliven the music event of the prestigious award in Malaysia in Genting Highland, which is titled 'Anugerah Era 2002'. Not only appearing in foreign countries, Element has also been accompanied didapuk British singer, Ronan Keating. Element into the opening group in concert Ronan JHCC dated February 9, 2003. Released only four months, in early January, sales of their third album has reached more than 400 thousand copies, and received triple platinum awards from Universal Music Indonesia in March 2003. Their second single, "Excuse me from Heaven" also became the soundtrack language soap opera, starring Didi Lip Riyadi. Success with their third album, working on their fourth album titled

Dialog under the label EMI Indonesia. Element release three songs mainstay, namely "One Story About", "Love is the Other", and "Conscious Without Love". Unfortunately this album was not as successful as previous albums.
In 2006, the Element received another exam after vocalist, Lucky Widjatmoko decided to leave and his solo career. But that year also, Element mengelurkan repakcage album, titled Neo Resonance (2006). This time they also took a seasoned singer Emilia Contessa. [2] In 2008, they re-release a new album titled Light (2008) is still with the formation of six people, after the departure of Lucky. This album contains 11 songs with the hits singles "Nothing Remaining"

Element BAND Social Activities

Not only working in the field of art, Element personnel also participated in many social fields, among others, the Foundation Love We are engaged in child rearing and Love Child Nations Foundation which is engaged in anti-drug. Through this activity also, one of the activists in the foundation, Fajar Putra Jaya, an award 'Volunteer' given by the President of Indonesia Mrs. Megawati at the State Palace on June 26, 2002 in the framework of the day the World Anti-opium.