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Jamrud is a rock band originating from Indonesia, was first formed in tahun1989 in Cimahi, West Java with a jamrock. Jamrud since the formation didepani by 'Aziz' Mangasi Siagian (guitar) and 'Ricky' Teddy (bass) and is known as a successful rock band brings rock music as popular music in Indonesia in the 90s.


Prior to Jamrud, the early formation of jamrock 'Azis' Mangasi Siagian (guitar), 'Ricky' Teddy (bass), Agus (drums) and Oppi (vocals). This group has several changes of personnel, Budhy Haryono, former drummer TEETH also joined with jamrock. Formation jamrock eventually became a popular form known by fans of '90s Azis (guitar), Ricky (bass), 'Anto' Krisyanto (vocals), 'Fitrah' Alamsyah (guitar) and 'Sandy' Handoko (drums).

The process becomes Jamrud

Jamrock memjadi music group rock music brings a well-respected in the area around Bandung. At that time they mostly show tunes from rock music groups who already have a name. Increasing their prestige when Krisyanto and Sandy Handoko (drums) joined the jamrock. Krisyanto himself had won the title as Best Rock Vocalist version of a rock festival in Bandung.

Content to carry the songs owned by others, in 1995, Azis, Ricky, Krisyanto and Sandy began writing their own material and record songs of their demo. They offer these demos to record labels Log Zhelebour (usually called 'Log') who gave a warm welcome. Jamrock then got the contract for the recording and join the record label's Log, which is Logiss Records. With their entry into the log's record label, the name was changed to Emerald jamrock.