Mulan Jameela (born in Garut, West Java, August 23, 1979, age 31 years, the name was born Raden Terry Tantri Wulansari) is an Indonesian singer. Previously he was also known as Mulan Kwok. Initial popularity started when the Queen singer in early 2005. After parting from the Queen in 2007, released a solo album Mulan Jameela Mulan in 2008.

Mulan started the career of singer café and had joined in several bands such as Swara Coustic, Bandung All Star and the Dimension Band. In early 2005, together with Maia Ahmad Mulan joined the Queen and the famous duo released an album titled Queen & Friends. The first single titled "Friends Will Be" a huge success and catapulted the name of Mulan Kwok instantly become one of the top vocalists. A number of awards had been achieved. The album sold more than 400,000 copies and established the Queen became the most successful female group at that time. In 2006, dirilislah album titled No. One who in turn gave birth hits titled "Alligator Man Army" and "Dear Diary". This album also successfully sold 500,000 copies in first week of release. But then, on January 31, 2007 Mulan announced the departure of the Queen over the issue of financial transparency in the management body of the Queen.

Solo career
On May 28, 2007, officially joined the Republic of Mulan Love Management. Mulan debut solo album was launched in January 2008, entitled Mulan Jameela. Like the album title, Mulan was no longer using the stage name "Mulan Kwok". The album that dominated pop rock music was cultivated by the musician Ahmad Dhani. Mulan this debut album spawned hits in 4 pieces, the "Creature of God Most Sexy", "Wonder Woman", "Not that I'm Afraid" and "Falling in Love Again". Only in the period of less than 2 months, this album has left the 75,000 sales figure disemati coffee and platinum by EMI. Elsewhere, Mulan is ogled by the telecommunications giant Malaysian company, Maxis. Within a few months, Mulan has able to break through a number of award nominations, he even became the only soloist Indonesia, which was nominated at the MTV Asia Awards 2008 in Genting, Malaysia.

In the compilation The Best Of Love Artists Republic Vol. 1, Mulan collaborated with vocal group Dewi Dewi on single called "Sick Not Play" which was launched in August 2008.