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You Tube phenomenon queen Indonesian duo Sprott & Jojo assessed would not last long. Psychologists also warn upload videos on the web to be careful, because they could lose their privacy.

Psychologist Rose Mini Adi Prianto assess the popularity of two beautiful girls Sprott & Jojo will not last long. "The phenomenon is more excited this will be a little while as long as they do not resume any activities," he said in Jakarta yesterday.

He reminded Up loader video like that, so be aware of the consequences. Because of something that went into the virtual world can easily be accessed by others and seen by many people.

As a result, Video Up loader like it might lose some privacy. "In the future they themselves will be difficult to stem. Already lots of examples, so it should be more careful, because in the virtual world becomes no privacy, "he added.

It also applies on Face-book or Twitter if only certain people can access. Although more private nature, writings that are posted on Face-book may still be widespread.

"If you want private communications should not be placed in public facilities. People should be more introspective and know where the good and bad for himself, "said Rose Mini.

Enda Nasution activist blog Sprott & Jojo rate can be phenomenal because the technology lets people have a window into someone's life. Also the song selection, the appearance was not shy about making videos so unique, and so many people liked to be popular.

But the phenomenon is not a sign of a shift from the writings of Internet content to the video currently in vogue. The video was only as a form of expression, because it can vary if the writings, photos or video.

"That's fine and I think each person has their own preferred format. From one of his blog, they make videos for fun only. So it is not necessarily to the video, because they had continued to experiment into video blogging, "he said.

Enda assess the video was a success because You Tube is the network that could see anyone and there is no cost for distribution. "The format of the video interesting, because people are sensitive to movement and sound or look on the face so it has a more persuasive force," he added.
Although the Internet so it was easy to channel the expression, Psychologist Rose Mini Adi Prianto reminded not to lead to narcissism. "Would you want to see people exist and are present in many adolescents. I think as long as still within certain limits is not okay, but when it starts to become tacky to start removing clothes and so it became something that was not good, "he remembers

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