This album may be called as a milestone in the resurrection NASYID Arruhul Jadid

NASYID Arruhul Jadid "suspended animation" medio 1997-1998. And medio 2002-2003; once again Izis feel "suspended animation" for the second time. Proyek2 Failure of previous albums (Not Just Words & Dedication Us) and rising prestige of the two teams nasyid Haroki: Holy Al-Jadid & Shoutul Harokah; as if lost in the scene makes NASYID Arruhul Jadid Archipelago.

Plus, NASYID Arruhul Jadid lost his two founding fathers: Elva Wiseso, mas'ul and stabilizing the team; and Nurcholiq Ramdhan, the manager who has midwifed Izis since the beginning. And since 2003, NASYID Arruhul Jadid really lose all the founding fathernya; all who understand why Izis born and survive until then.

But again, Izis rise. With the new management under the control of Ali Emery (at the time involved in recording the album Appeal); Izis menggeber several new programs. One of the most phenomenal and is this album.

On this album, NASYID Arruhul Jadid explore bolder tones. Several unique nasheed appear as "Missing Peace" and "Grief Palestine"; while not forgetting the "root" nasyid haroki like the song "Street Fighting Spirit".

This album takes a very long time, about six months. It's nothing, the material that was recorded 100% (live editing & mixing aja); MISSING!! It's over ... in deep sorrow, NASYID Arruhul Jadid record again all the songs from the beginning ....

The process of cultivating each song is also unique. Jalan Juang song (which is quite popular on youtube); is Noorahmat work while still involved in nasyid team Din; a team that was formed by students of IPB Bogor. Heir song Affairs; is the last song made; inspired by the increase of HNW became chairman of the MPR-RI. It was the most youngest song, eh even made an album title ..

In this album, I also felt incredible sound exploration. The tones in this album is very wide, there are very high as in the "Missing Peace"; there are also low. Later, nasyid model in this album became a trade mark Izis; as they repeat again in capturing the song "Strip" or "The Murabbi" on the next album.

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