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Last night the same do not intentionally chating wicax from jogja mas. Er after chatting to and fro, finally mas wicax nanyain something about his songs whose titles Caramel Band distant. He asked, according to the version he heard, caramel STIKOM band from Bali. Well I own a lecture on new STIKOM heard this story now. Search on google could eventually some version of the story. Teman2 who want mendegarkan mp3nya can download the attachment below. There are two files, a new version of his first and the second version of the original.

First Version
Some say this girl named Ega. Ega is a vocalist Caramel Band, he was frustrated at being Boyfriendnya, his girlfriend died in a brawl. Frustrated Ega attempted suicide, he was found by his theme in a state of dying, and immediately rushed to the hospital. Ega approaching the moment of death would sing this song with guitar accompaniment played by himself, and recorded by her friend. After singing this song Ega died.

This little story makes no sense, because in this song backsound no sound of people clapping, (more people dying in the given applous ko), and the names of people dying certainly could have an IV in his hand, and may be given oxygen, so how could Ega can play guitar myself, and there are also nuns would ban because it can disturb other patients.

Second Version
Her name is Gaby, He SMU Blora Madiun children (he said, but temen-temen I said she ank sidoarjo), he was also the son of vocal band particularly, when three high school classes that he would take the exam for sure. He has a girlfriend boy racer, loves motor racing. Well, the time period that they rarely test because I was busy studying communications. Unbeknownst to Gaby, it turns out his girlfriend died of an accident. Parents and friends-flat boyfriend does not want you to know Gaby, afraid to disturb concentration of learning. Finally after finishing the exam Gaby intends to make to meet his girlfriend's house, do you miss about it, n want to get angry too cz knp after the exam is not good news for her boyfriend. Truz fit in his girlfriend's house, Gaby shocked anymore-do, a lot of people read yasin. His girlfriend's mother eventually love to know if his girlfriend Gaby uda not around, dead! Gaby shock really sure, he's heavy stress! Support friends and family love him to rise. Until the end he succeeded in creating the song, a song about her feelings. The song will be staged intentions fit the school farewell. But unfortunately .. Gaby chose to meet with her boyfriend, she reportedly hanged himself! It happened in the Year 2007 yesterday. Well .. after that menyebarlah His songs .. And many who say after listening to that song a lot of pretty girls who visited Gaby aka ghost. He said too many events so that is fitted around december Gaby birth month.

Third Version
Bali ank tu dy original. sndri tu dy bkin lyrics. because dy lover who left olh meniggal dlu. The first story, geby tu university students in jogja. it happened in bali kmpung halmannya. This incident took place on 11 January 2008 at night, this time a friend geby ma ne dy Panter deer drive lg m jalan2 gtu dech

dy travel time turned out to see her lover again with someone else and calling her boyfriend tu dy, after seeing her boyfriend again affair dy tmen speeding to come home without disdri boyfriend td td geby ngikutin geby lost tp dy dy dy continue to search for a spi hill road due to speeding dy dy clay car turns out there is geby dsitu intersection accidents mninggal geby boyfriend. 2 days kmudian geby told that her boyfriend has died in an accident. after hearing the news geby g prnah out of the room ngurung dri dy dsna. dy crying while making songs that KNI has spread. dy's account after the evening was persuaded to exit his friend turns out kmar olh dy mw, dy dibali invited to a cafe. dy distu CBO to sing a homemade lgu td. TPI before singing dy drinking high doses of drugs that have, dy been drinking all the drugs without the knowledge of his friend. cy panic fear after taking the stage. Last time singing DYes dy tengah2 geby sweaty hands. dilgunya a broken guitar string sound was geby chest began to hurtafter a string sound tdi finished the song just came to exist. then the song actually finished the song that is still long. and there came a voice shouts seorng geby girl friend. the tw that DYes high dose medication. geby account after it fell off the bench who then dy didudukinnya dying in a state of holding the guitar, was rushed into the house skit ternyta dy dy died in jlan. so dy g jd under the hospital

Fourth Version
This song was made by a vocalist of the band Caramel (STIKOM Bali) called EGA. He was abandoned by her boyfriend and he was not strong and hold him so desperate to sing this song in front of his friends before he killed himself into the next day. In this version of the song turned out to have a special message .. Ie, two sentences: Biological and Think. Maybe you will be touched and deeply moved after listening to this song