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D'Masiv are a rock band from Indonesia who berdomisli in Jakarta. Five members, namely Rian Ekky Pradipta (vocals), Aditya Dwiki Marsall (guitarist), Nurul Damar Ramadan (guitarist), Iskandar Dinata Rayyi Kurniawan (bass), and Revelation Piadji (drums). D'Masiv name later aligned with the bands "top" of Indonesia such as Ungu, Nidji, or Peter because of the popularity of their songs.

d'Masiv first formed on March 3, 2003. D'Masiv name itself comes from the English word "massive" as a kind of hope to be able to achieve the best possible results in the national music scene. Their names began to soar after successfully winning the music competition at A Mild Live Wanted 2007. d'Masiv finally releasing their first album titled "Changes" in 2008 with the song "Love is Killing me" as its flagship song. The song was so popular that more and toss their name in the national music scene. At the end of 2008, d'Masiv make the container assembly to the fans with a Masiver.

In 2009, d'Masiv new mini album contains two songs titled "Please Forgive Me" and "Do not Give Up". According to Rian, vocalist d'Masiv, the process of making a mini album released this very brief and to welcome the month of Ramadan which falls in mid-August 2009.

D'Masiv had preached as a cheater work of another band. Credibility Anugerah Musik Indonesia 2009 The 12 years just because one had undoubtedly enter the name of this band as one of the winning nominations for Best New Artist award. Members of the Steering Board of AMI Seno M. Hardjo even said it was cheated by D'Masiv entry.

Some of the songs are accused of copying them is a song titled The dilemma which is considered cheating almost all parts of the song Soldier's Poem that brought the popular British band, Muse. And you just copied the song Head Over Heels considered (In This Life) Switchfoot band's home in San Diego, United States. Another song titled Awakening Switchfoot is also considered dicontek intro rhythm and beats in the song Silence Without Words. My own intro song Luka considered very similar to his Drive-Incubus, while the intro song Love Up in Here deemed just by the intro song Into The Sun of Lifehouse band from Los Angeles, U.S.. All the songs were in d'Masiv debut album, entitled Changes.

Also reported a source in the internet is also said that the song "Love is Killing me is a mere duplication of the song" I Do not Love you "owned by My Chemical Roamnce. Lagu one eye also according to their similarities with the intro song from Fall Out Boy, The Take Over The Breaks Over. And the intro song "I Never Real" a bit like Keane's song, "Is It Any Wonder." Later, came the news that the latest songs trace d'Masiv Do not Give Up song titled Muse Falling Away With You.

Not only are their songs are highlighted copying other people's work. D'Masiv first album entitled "Changes" was also accused of imitating one of the band Aerosmith album cover (see picture).

D'Masiv himself rejected all accusations that they are a plagiarist band that can only be copied songs of other musicians. At a press conference held at the Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta on April 1, 2009, vocalist Billy admitted he and his group just inspired songs from outside musicians such as Muse, Switchfoot, and Incubus