NASYID Justice Voice
Nasyid Islami grew out of mosques and Islamic spirituality community college. He has a beautiful blend of music and lyric content that inspires a sense of religiosity. Nasyid meaning eventually broader than usual art products.

Stick to the philosophy "water", radiating in all directions, Nasyid must be signed and accepted by all walks of life. Water can follow any surrounding it, without spreading can be prevented, but can penetrate soft rock. And here we go ...

Water ... integral part of life. Always flows bring benefits to mankind in many different forms and ways. Art is also an integral part in human life. On the other hand, Islam is a way of life ... Are they opposed? of course not. With the science of life easier, with the art of living becomes more beautiful and more directional life to religion.

Islam is broad and comprehensive as propaganda must touch all aspects of life. He could appear in a variety of presentation and beauty. Cool language is "a truth well Told." Included in the form of music.

To this end we present as a part of life, nasyid would give expediency in many, apparently.

NASYID Justice Voice logo symbol of the alphabet taking mandarin "shuei" which means water. Justice Voice name chosen because it represents the most words appear in the Al - Qur'an. We hope the name of Justice Voice can remind us that preaching, preach that Islam is always our mission entailed.

Vision, Mission and Slogan

Vision: To JV recognized in the Indonesian music scene

Mission: Membumikan nasyid, nasyid to be understood as one of music, entertainment element, which is suitable for every community without giving up the side of the religiosity of its historical roots.

Slogan: Funky but syar'i. Justice Voice gave a meaning that "funky" what we mean is smart, active, not rigid, out of the box, insightful, stylish but not out of bounds syar'i.

Salam Salam: Greetings Justice Voice done by holding your left hand, with thumbs, index and middle finger, ring finger and little finger bent. Formation of the finger when viewed from the front will form the initials of Justice Voice. JV