The Changcuters is a band from Bandung, Indonesia. Musical groups established in 2005, this September 19-member Mohammad alias Tria Tria Ramadhani (vocalist), Muhammad Iqbal or Qibil (backing vocals & guitar), Arlanda Ghazali Langitan or Alda (guitarist), Dipa Dipa Nandastyra Hasibuan or (bassist), and Eric Nindyoastomo aka Eric (drummer). His first album is Trying to Success (2006) and followed by a second album (repackaged) Trying to Success Back released in 2008. The band is generally rock genre. they call their music stream our A'la garage rock n roll

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* Trying to Success (2006)
* Trying to Success Back (2008)
* Mystery of the Black Scorpion (2009)

* The Tarix Jabrix (2008)
* The Tarix Jabrix 2 (2009)

Movie Soundtrack

* Beware of Policy: * Impact Maksima
* I Love U Bibeh: * The Tarix Jabrix (2008)
* The Conqueror of Fire: * Si Jago Merah (2008)
* Like-like: * The Tarix Jabrix 2 (2009)

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