RADJA is the name of a band from Jakarta, Indonesia which was established on March 17, 2001 which at that time consisted of Ian Kasela (vocalist), Moldy (guitarist), Shuma (bassist), and Aditya (drums). They use the name of the king in the hope that someday, their group would become king among musicians homeland. They use small letters at the beginning of the name of his band as a symbol that after one day they can become like a king, they remained close to his fans.

After the failure of their first album in 2001, Adit and Shuma decided to leave the king. May 2003, Indra (bassist) and Seno (drummer). This year they also released a second album, titled Ordinary People, under the banner Melta Music Indonesia. The album also failed in the market.

In late 2004, King joined with EMI Music Indonesia, and make a repackage of their second album, named the New Step. This album brings the king won the Multi Platinum Award for record sales over 500,000 copies which is 1.3 million copies (including 10 best-selling album in Indonesia). They even had time to perform in neighboring countries like Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam Indra and Seno decided to get out because they create a new band.


* Release the Past (2001)
* Ordinary People (2002)
* New Step (2005)
* Because Of Who You Are (2006)
* 1000 Moon (2006)
* For All (2007)
* Down to earth (2008)
* Always There (2009)
* Sorry (2010)

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