RAN is a band from Indonesia who berdomisli in Jakarta. This music group formed in 2007. Its members consists of 3 persons namely Rayi, Asta, and Nino. Band name is taken from the letter before the three personnel. His first album, For Your Life was released in 2008.

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Travel career

Asta Rayi and started playing music together since high school Al-Izhar, Pondok Labu. Together with his friends, they had formed a band called FRD (Funk Rap Disco) and the band won several competitions between schools. After graduating from high school, this badn vacuum because some personnel to continue their studies abroad. We will follow Indonesian Song Festival 2006, held JakTV television station, they hook the Nino, the brother of their class to join in a band. The song "First Views" won a second championship at the festival. This song also introduces the RAN on Soedjono Dondy producer who then handed me this demo to Universal Music Indonesia. End of 2007, RAN RAN released his debut album For Your Life under management and a label of Universal Music Indonesia.

RAN which only appeared three of us often take additional player when appearing immediately. Usually, they performed eleven with two guitars, two keyboards, two backing vocals, a drummer and percussionist. Which often appear together they are Kopay (bass), Rama (drums), Abe (percussion) and Nina (keyboards).


* For Your Life (2008)
* Friday (2009)

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