RATU is an Indonesian music group duo that initial personnel consisted of Maia Ahmad and Mambo, then Pink is replaced by Mulan Kwok position. This group was established in 2003, and experienced the glory throughout 2005-2006. But unfortunately, this group should be disbanded at the end of 2007, and replaced by a Duo Maia, Queen recorded as the band's most successful woman in this decade, with the highest album sales in the development of Indonesian music.

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* 2 Change of personnel
* 3 rift and the transition to a Duo Maia
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Early emergence

At the end of 2002, Maia Ahmad who was formerly a backing vocal band Dewa 19 from ambition to form his own band. For their guidance at the time her husband, Ahmad Dhani, Maia and then begin to shape the Queen, a female band member 2 people only, which one to play music (Maia) and the other one sings. Maia then start looking for someone who would become his partner, until finally he met Mambo. Being interested in the vocal Pink, Maia and then offered him the position of vocalist. Finally resmilah duo formed Queen, with elegance and color concepts of music Pop R & B.

In January 2003, the Queen managed to release his first album titled Together. The album was instituted several singles, namely "Get Down, Make Love", "I Was Wrong Too" and "Do not Tell Who's Who". This debut album received rave reviews and delivers the Queen became the most influential female music group in Indonesia. They also successfully won the award for "Best Newcomer" in Clear Top Ten Awards 2003.

After a rumor started by some cracking, finally on October 12, 2004, Mambo officially resigned from the duo Ratu. It was unclear what exactly triggers the resignation of Pink. Rumor says that the problem of honoraria and Maia dominance in the group has become the root cause. Meanwhile, other rumors say that the dismissal Pink because she was pregnant out of wedlock, which is considered damaging image Queen. I do not know which is true, which obviously has lost Pink Queen at the end of 2004.

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