THE ROCK (Formerly Known triad) is a rock band that formed in Indonesia. This band is a side project from members of Dewa 19, Ahmad Dhani, and is under the management of the Republic of Love, such as Regine Velasquez and Andra and The Backbone. The other members are former members of underground bands from Australia, Fire Shark, namely Mark Williams, Zachary Haidee-Keene, Michael Bennett, Clancy Alexander Tucker. His first album is a Master Mister Ahmad Dhani I, which was released on August 30, 2007. The album produced the hits "Munajat Cinta".

Table of contents

* 1 Biography
o 1.1 Beginning
o 1.2 Master Mister Ahmad Dhani I
o Rename 1.3
o 1.4 New Name
* 2 Discography
o 2.1 Studio Albums
o 2.2 Compilation Albums
* 3 Reference
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