Seventeen Band is a band from Indonesia who berdomisli in Jakarta. This music group was formed in 1999. Its members consists of 4 persons namely Bani (bass), Yudhi (guitar), Herman (guitar), and Ifan (vocals). Elected Stars first album is released in 1999. The band is generally rock genre.

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Travel career
Album Cover "Star Chosen"

The band was formed on the initiative of Yudhi Rus Harjanto (Yudhi), Sikumbang Herman (Herman), and Windu Andi Darmawan (Andi) who attended a private high school in Yogyakarta. Want to form a band seriously, they hook the Bani, Yudhi cousin. Officially they were established on January 17, 1999, at 17:00. Incidentally all of its personnel when it was 17 years old. Doni (vocals, guitar) joined a year later.

Their debut album, Stars Chosen released on July 17, 2003 under Universal Music Indonesia. They rake in Ari Fortune (MTV VJ) for a duet on the song "Jibaku". This album was a success with sales that reached 75 thousand and some songs are used for soap opera soundtracks. Unfortunately, the label where they take shelter closes its local division. For two years, they could float to find the appropriate label.

When the local division of Universal re-opened, Seventeen was back there. They soon released their second album, Sweet Seventeen (2005) that rely on the song "If You Believe".

Seventeen three-year vacuum changed much. Striking changes is the turn of the vocalist. Doni had resigned, followed by Andi (drums). Time personnel Seventeen Doni was desperate for a replacement. After going through the audition process, they decided to hook Ifan, from Pontianak, as a vocalist. Ifan vocal character that is very different nge-pop with a rock Doni. Seventeen third album, Great Men (2008), turned into a very pop. Release of third album is a bit unique, because Seventeen did in Glodok electronic goods shopping center, which has been singled out as a nest of pirates.


* Selected Stars (2003)
* Sweet Seventeen (2005)
* Great Men (2008)

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