Shaggydog is a band that was formed on June 1, 1997 date in Sayidan, a village located on the riverbank in the center of Yogyakarta. Heru-member band, Richard, Raymond, Bandizt, Lili and Yoyo 'was agreed to refer to music that they play as "Doggy Stylee", ie a combination of several elements of music such as ska, reggae, jazz, swing and rock. Shaggydog influenced by bands like the Cherry poppin Daddies, Hepcat, Bob Marley, and Song Beach Dub Allstars.

Shaggydog first album was released in 1999 under the title "Shaggydog" under the label Doggy House. In 2001 the second album entitled "Together" was released.


* Shaggydog (1999)
* Together (2001)
* Hot Dogz (2003)
* Back Dancing (2006)
* Shining (2009)

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