SHE (Sound and Harmony Eclectic) is an Indonesian rock band that was formed and berdomisli in Bandung. This music group was formed on February 22, 2000. The formation of the band members that all personnel are women, seven men "fathers Priangan", starting from the idea of a former manager of SHE, Dino Naturandang. Those who previously did not know each other, collected by Dino, who wanted to form a band with female berawakkan all, in a meeting at a music studio in Bandung. This band own their respective personnel have background music that is different, but the same desire to package all these differences in a harmonization of the strains of music or a harmony of beautiful tone in the country music arena. Previous sentence is also a free translation of the meaning of three-letter acronym, SHE (Sound and Harmony Eclectic), which represents the name of bands from Bandung.

In addition, the cultivation of their second album was also supported by a number of famous musicians, among them Ari Ayu, Baron, Indro Harjodikoro, Uchi Nurul, Ray Jeffrin and Willie Nelson.

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* Herlina Melly, Melly (lead vocals)
* Roxanna Rufolda, Riry (acoustic guitar, backing vocals)
* Qotrunnada Fitri, Qoqo (electric guitar)
* Christanti Arnie, Arnie (bassist)
* Asri Dewi Lestari, Achi (violin)
* Esther Yolanda, Yayo (keyboards)
* Adisty Sofie Anggia, Adisty (drummer)


* About Me, You, and He (2005)
* Smile Again (2007)
* Not Just Back (2009)
* Replaced Again (2011)


* Alexander Slim (2008)

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