SLANK band is a musical group in Indonesia. Formed by Bimbim on December 26, 1983 for a bored playing music cover band and have a strong desire to create your own songs. And managed to become one of the historic and memorable musicians and influential of all time in Indonesia. In addition, Slank is also bearing the title of Indonesia's Highest-Paid Music Star (expensive-paid music stars) in 2008 and 2009 with the honorarium of Rp 500 million per show.

Table of contents

* 1 Early Career
* 2 Split Band
* 3 Drugs
* 4 The entry Abdee, Ridho, and Ivanka (Formation end)
* 5 new album and a new spirit
* 6 The world's first Live Album
* 7 Doctrine named SLANKISME
* 8 Slank 'answer' challenge
* 9 Discography
o 9.1 Studio Albums
o 9.2 Live Albums
o 9.3 Soundtrack Album
* 10 Awards
* 11 Fans
o 11.1 Slank Fan Club
o 11.2 Slank Bulletin
o 11.3 Slank Newspapers
* 12 Trivia
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Early Career

Slank is the embryo of the birth of a group called Cikini Stones Complex (CSC) formed by Ben Setiawan Sidhartha (Bimbim) in the early 80's. The band only played Rolling Stones songs and did not want to play songs from other bands, as a result they end up bored and by late 1983 the group was disbanded.

Bimbim continue their musical passion with his two brothers Danny and Erwan forming the Red Evil became Slank later changed its name, a name derived simply from the ridicule of people who often call them boys selengean with additional personnel Bongky (guitar) and Kiki (guitar). Bimbim residence on Jl. Pencil 14 so their headquarters and a site must be visited by Slanker.

They had appeared at some stage with their own songs before Erwan decided to resign because they feel hopeless in Slank. With a long struggle formed the formation of the 13, Bimbim, Kaka, Bongky, Pay and Indra, the new Slank solid.

With the formation Bimbim (Drums), Bongky (Bass), Pay (guitar), Kaka (vocals) and Indra (Keyboard), they started to make demos to be offered to the record company. Slank is a peace-loving group and in fact Slank not only the admiration of fans, but also Slank has managed to evoke the spirit and solidarity from a generation to have the attitude. And Slank has a fanatical group of fans and creative, which is known as Slankers

Fan Club Slank

Slank Fan Club (SFC) is the official club which was formed by management to accommodate Slank Slank rabid fans. Slankers Club which is a container of Slankers formed when Slank Concert Piss doing 30 cities in 1998. Mother Iffet, as manager Slank see Slankers existing communities must be empowered. Therefore, when Slank concert in Malang, a set of Slankers it in pangil by Mother for the given direction. Mother Tercetuslah idea to provide container for the current Slankers named Slank Fans Club.

Bulletin Slank

To convey information to the Slanker, Slank and its management decided to create a newsletter that came to be called by the name Slank Bulletin. This bulletin contains the schedule, short stories westlife tour stage and so forth. Name bulletin itself used as a symbol for the slanker circling (bulletin) schedule in the calendar of activities slank their respective activities.
Bulletin Slank is then developed into a Koran Slank. Koran Slank Slank newspaper was first published on March 10, 2002.

Album Studio

1. 1990 - Suit... Suit... He... He... (Gadis Sexy)
2. 1991 - Kampungan

3. 1993 - Piss!

4. 1995 - Generasi Biru

5. 1996 - Minoritas

6. 1996 - Lagi Sedih

7. 1997 - Tujuh
8. 1998 - Mata Hati Reformasi

9. 1999 - 999+09Double Album

10. 2001 - Virus

11. 2003 - Satu Satu

12. 2004 - Road to Peace

13. 2005 - PLUR

14. 2006 - Slankissme

15. 2007 - Slow But Sure

16. 2008 - Slank - The Big Hip

17. 2009 - Anthem For The Broken Hearted

18. 2010 - Jurus Tandur no. 18

Album Live

1. 1998 - Konser Piss 30 Kota
2. 2001 - Virus Roadshow
3. 2003 - Bajakan

Album Soundtrack

1. 2007 - Original Soundtrack "Get Married"
2. 2009 - Original Soundtrack Generasi Biru
3. 2009 - Original Soundtrack "Get Married 2"


1. 1990 - Best Selling Album Rock Category BASF Awards
2. 1991 - Best Selling Album Rock Category BASF Awards
3. 1993 - Best Selling Album Rock/Alternative Category BASF Awards
4. 1994 - Best Selling ALbum (Double Platinum Album Category) BASF Awards
5. 1994 - Video Klip Terbaik (Terbunuh Sepi) Video Musik Indonesia
6. 1995 - Video Klip Terbaik (Bang Bang Tut) Video Musik Indonesia
7. 1997 - Lagu Rock Terbaik (Balikin) AMI (Anugerah Musik Indonesia) Awards
8. 1997 - Album Rock Terbaik (Tujuh) AMI (Anugerah Musik Indonesia) Awards
9. 1997 - Group Rock Terbaik AMI (Anugerah Musik Indonesia) Awards
10. 1998 - Album Rock Terbaik (Matahati Reformasi) AMI (Anugerah Musik Indonesia) Awards
11. 1999 - Band paling kontroversial Taboid MUMU (MUda MUsika)
12. 2002 - The Best Director for Video I Miss You But I Hate You MTV Indonesia Awards
13. 2003 - Artis/Duo/Group Terbaik AMI (Anugerah Musik Indonesia) Awards
14. 2003 - Album Rock Terbaik (Satu-Satu) AMI (Anugerah Musik Indonesia) Awards
15. 2004 - Album Pop/Rock paling Ngetop(Road to Peace) SCTV Music Awards 2005
16. 2005 - Penghargaan dari IFNGO (International of Non GOvernmental Organization)
17. 2009 - Most Fav Band/Duo MTV Indonesia Awards
18. 2010 - Album Rock Terbaik (OST Generasi Biroe) AMI (Anugerah Musik Indonesia) Awards\
19. 2010 - Group Musik Indonesia Pertama yang Merilis Album melalui Handphone MURI (Museum Rekor Indonesia)

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