U9 initially Name (only). And that's the name they went on to become champions Se-Indonesian Rock Festival IX in 2001 and in Jakarta. This successful band from Kediri became the first champion. In a way then, they 'hit' over the same band name with the band from Jakarta, which brings the pop rock. Finally they mengbah (temporarily) to Purple Five. Emerald had become the opening concert in Malang, the band name and then like a dimmer.

Seeing the level of the band trip, in fact hardly a new band. U9 form 11 September 1997 in Surabaya, East Java. Personnel initially Ferdinand Iskandar (dramer), Nanda Iskandar (keyboards), DaniIwan Prast (base), and Hendra Darmawan (vocals). For local class of East Java, who is not familiar with the band in Kediri berhomebase this. Some small festivals that they follow, giving many the best title to the band and its personnel. Until finally champion at rock festivals.

In the journey, Purple Five must give Daniel (guitarist) who came out for personal reasons and recruit Tyo as new guitarist. U9 choose progressive rock as a stream which they profess to ertimbangan famous rock art to the level of difficulty and they were very proud if I can play hard with a good composition tetai not every concert they play it because not all like this now.

U9 is not going to show progressive njilmet the album later, they make existing pregresi unusr sweet and harmony. With a shorter duration. About the influence of music, Purple Five confess actually inspired by personnel only. to them their music is music education. For this new album, they gave the title U9 1st Album Of The Champion "All Indonesian Rock Festival IX" which rely hits False Me. Now they membered Henderson (vocals), Tyo (guitar), Sunu (guitar), Iwan (bass), Nanda (keyboards), and Ferdinand (drums).

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