Vierra is a band from Indonesia, which was formed in November 2008. This music group consisting of 4 persons namely Kevin Aprilio (piano / keyboard), Widy Soediro Nichlany (vocals), Raka Cyril Damar (guitar), and Satryanda Widjanarko (drums). Having a bass player named Deryansha Azhary additional. This music genre is a powerpop, pop, and some songs inspired by the Disney musical. Viera has a fan club called Vierrania which was formed in March 2009.

His first album, My First Love was released in 2009. Is the first single Listen. In July, Vierra Vierra invites the winners of the quiz entitled Vacation Together I Wish I Vierra to Bali ... for recording with Vierra, in the good fortune to donate their voice into 4 new songs Vierra, Vierra and plan the second album will be released at the end of this year.

Discography - My First Love (2009)

The album that terdri top 12 songs 6 of them for release as the song: Listen, With You, Smart, this feeling, so the thing I want, and I wish.

* Mountea (2009 and 2010)
* Honda Scoopy (2010)
* Insert 7th Anniversary (2010)
* Air Asia (2011) together with Iwan Fals and Regine Velasquez
* VitaCharm (2011)
* Yakult Ace (2011)
* Indomilk (2013) with the late Tim Christensen
* Suzuki APV (2011) with Seventeen Band
* Daihatsu Luxio (2012-2013) with Yovie Widianto

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