T2 is an Indonesian musical group that formed in 2007. Its personnel is Tika and Tiwi who is a dropout Indosiar Fantasy Academy (AFI) 2005. Although the time to follow the two are not so champion AFI (Tika was in ninth position while the Tiwi are in seventh position), but their appearance is known and the public in mind. Their first album was released in 2007 Ok. This album is able to snatch 'Platinum Award', with total sales up in May 2008 through RBT 125 thousand and 734 thousand copies. When the pre-launching of this album, T2 has been named as the Ambassador for Anti-Piracy.


* Ok (2007)
* Malu Malu Dong (2009)
* With me Heart (2010)
* Former (2012)
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